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HexaPro by Hexafresh

  • Powerful cooling capacity up to 2600 BTU for zonal air conditioning 
  • Product performance depends on the insulation of your room.
  • Ability to cover a room of 15 m^2 
  • The lightest and most compact portable AC
  • Besides its cooling capacity, Hexapro can be used as a heater during the winter season with a superior heating performance and energy efficiency up to 3 times less consumption compared to conventional heaters. 

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Price : 339 € TTC (Including Delivery in France)

*Our stock is extremely limited for this summer season. If you are interested in booking your Hexapro in advance, please get in touch with us at [email protected]. Our estimated delivery time will be between the end of July and early August.


Coefficient of Performance


Cooling Capacity

2600 BTU

Heating Capacity

2700 BTU

Energy consumption

280 W

Gas Used


Sound Level

51.1 Db


10.55 Kg


230 mm


460 mm


345 mm

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