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Hexapro by Hexafresh


By Hexafresh

At Hexafresh our goal is to focus on the use of innovative technology, rethink and invent new solutions and products at lower costs and higher efficiency enabling every human to take a role in sustainability.
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Meet HexaPro

Energy efficient, light and with no regular maintenance, Hexapro by Hexafresh is the world first’s lightest portable AC that offers a halfway solution between the classic fan and the conventional Air Conditioner.

Powerful Cooling

Hexapro guarantees a cooling capacity of up to 8 degrees Celsius less than the ambient room temperature with the drainage, in a wholly insulated room, up to 12-15 m^2!

Zonal Air Conditioning

Our personalized AC unit, covers up to an area of 21 square meters.

Heating effect

Not only a cooler but also a powerful heater that consumes 3 times less energy than classical & electrical heaters!


Hexapro uses R290, an eco-friendly natural gas with zero ozone depletion. Our R&D department team, is developing a gaz free, personal cooling device based on the Peltier effect.


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Key Features of HexaPro


Carry your lightest portable AC and enjoy a fresh summer wherever you go.

Energy Saving

Generates a way moderate energy consumption of 280 W. Our product uses the natural R290 gas, with zero ozone depletion, and no CO2 emission.

Minimal Maintenance

Hexpro offers an easy cooling solution. Simply plug it in & get refreshed.

No Installation

Forget about the hassle & approvals needed to install an Air Conditioner. Receive Hexapro, turn it on immediately, and enjoy!

Awards & Distinctions

Cool yourself this summer
& Save on your energy bills!
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