About Us
Our mission is to enable every human to take a role in sustainable air conditioning.
Our Story

In 2019, our idea behind Hexafresh was innovated following the pain that was felt from French and European citizens due to lack of Air Conditioniner’s installation.
As a team, we witnessed the necessity of Zonal ACs with less CO2 emissions.

The aim was to build a portable, ecological, and practical Airconditioner that will guarentee from one hand, the freshness during summer and the heating during winter seasons.

The motive behind Hexafresh, the lightest portable AC was created from environmentally conscious mechatronics engineers and entrepreneurs.
We started in France, and made it our goal to guarantee a global ecological freshness, through empowering our consumers to lead to a more sustainable future.

Together, we use innovation to keep protecting our planet.

Built In Collaboration With
Our advisory Board
Mr. Nasser Bayram

President of Zahid Manufacturing Group - KSA

Mr. Utkarsh Amitabh

Founder & CEO of Network Capital
CMO of 5ire.org

Dr. Ghida Ibrahim

Tech Lead at META

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